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Our Process Success through Market Knowledge

Step 1 - Intellectual Property / Patent Evaluation

SciTech Comm begins by performing an initial evaluation of your intellectual property / patent. We evaluate the key drivers of success:

  • Competing products currently on the market
  • Overall market size and growth trends
  • Marketability and commercialization potential

Our Intellectual Property / Patent Evaluation service is completely free!

Step 2 Client Decision

SciTech Comm will present you with an initial evaluation of your intellectual property / patent. This evaluation will detail our expert assessment of commercialization potential and indication of interest level by SciTech Comm. The decision on whether to go forward is decided by SciTech Comm and you.

Step 3 Engagement

If you and SciTech Comm mutually determine to proceed, we will begin our comprehensive evaluation of your intellectual property / patent within the global marketplace.

SciTech Comm offers different packages specifically tailored to your needs and budget.

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