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Past Intellectual Property Successes

Biotechnology and Life Science Successes


  • Wire guides for angioplasty catheters - Advanced Cardiovascular Systems
  • Tissues, animal models, cell lines, etc. - Multiple universities, corporations and nonprofits


  • PCR and diagnostics on a MEMs chip, Microfluidics - Applied Biosystems
  • PCR on a chip - Roche Molecular Systems
  • PCR on a chip - Affymetrix
  • PCR on a chip and related patents - Lawrence Livermore Labs
  • Development of recombinant pigs for xenotransplants - BRESAGEN BAXTER TRAVENOL
  • Recombinant seed technology - Pioneer Hybrid
  • Up-converting Phosphors for process diagnostics - Mitsubishi Chemical
  • MEMS-based Electrochemical Detection of pharmacokinetic activity in high throughput drug screening. - Affymax


  • Development of Combustion and Biotech testing units for space-based manufacturing and experimentation - NASA Microgravity Center
  • Research Study: semisynthetic anthracycline anti tumor antibiotic idarubicin - Miwon
  • Joining and hermetic sealing of alumina ceramic enclosures intended for use as a housing for electronic parts inside human body - Medtronic
  • Petrochemical separation technology using hollow fiber contactors - Medtronic
  • Systems Development for DNA Probe Labeling and Detection - USDA
  • Proteomics - Target Discovery
  • Transdermal skin permeation - Laboratory Skin Care
  • Business Intelligence: Development of sequencing by hybridization technology to work with up-converting phosphors on a CD format developed by SRI. - Hyseq
  • In vitro and in vivo models using in situ hybridization - Zymogenetics
  • Powdered Inhaler drug delivery systems - Dura
  • Needle-less injection - Powderjet
  • Breast cancer drug development - Taisho Pharmaceuticals


  • MEMS sensors for detection of molecular compounds in a flowing stream, developed agreements with Perkin Elmer and others. Introduced to first investors. - Berkeley Microinstruments
  • Set up company on SRIís site, developed their first financing, acted as Business Development VP to close first deals, negotiated the license agreement for SRI with Pangeneís legal rep, Wilson Sonsini. Helped obtain second round financing with CDIB. - Pangene Corporation


  • Animal and Human Nutraceuticals: Merger and Technology Acquisitions; Contracting for Work-for-Hire; Consortium Development - Colgate Palmolive
  • Proprietary ASICs design Technology - Mayo Clinic
  • Technology Assessment of Bioreactors for 3D tissue growth, Commercial Applications of Bioreactors - NASA
  • Multiplexing DNA sequencing methodology presented to Applied Biosystems in 1998 - Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Patented alpha-gypsum material and process technology (Hi-PSI-G) provides new capabilities to an industry in need of market growth and cost control. - G.B. Technologies

Technology Successes


  • Assisted Hydrothermal Oxidation - Destruction of PCBs, Biochemical Agents and Ordnance - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; General Electric Plastics
  • Preceramic Coatings - Coatings, Lubricants, and Sealants - 4Cís Technologies
  • Hollow Fiber Membranes - Natural Gas Dehydration; Rapid Pressure Swing Adsorption for Liquids Recovery from Natural Gas - GRI, Chevron, third party commercializers, SRI
  • Up-converting Phosphors for non-Medical Applications - Tagtech (spin-off)(potential Eastman Chemical JV); Secure Products (spin-off) Bureau of Engraving and Printing (Collaborative MTA)
  • Lifetime Extension of Cathodoluminescent P-1 Phosphors for flat displays
  • Teleprecense and Robotics Technology, Business Development - Space biological Manufacturing - NASA AMES
  • MagLev Technology - Disk drive and disk media manufacturing applications, Technology Transfer, licensing - Seagate
  • Metallocene Catalysts - PQ/Lyondel, Hanwha, Chevron, Amoco
  • Holographic Memory, Consortium Contractual rights - Multiplexing technology for increasing load carrying capacity of existing fiber - DenseNet
  • Displacement Chromatography, Business Development - Advanced purification methods for drug compounds - Applied Biotech, Inc/Perkin Elmer

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